Kerry (kerryaod) wrote in dollsoup,

Summers Fun

This community might not have been updated in a while but thought I'd put something anyway :)

I've made a couple of things lately but for a private collection and this is my first... THING! Its actually the third thing that I started. The first two [tool] I HATED so I went looking for tutorials for a new style, found a pixel top and loved it so I pixeled the entire thing. For the skirt I wanted something summery and I loved the whole thing. I've always loved pixelling things but never knew what to do with it and then this just worked out :D She was originally going to be blonde but I couldn't find any palettes.

So... here's Summer

Base by Apitchou :) Unadoptable.

For my first in a long time I love it. I might end up pixelling a bit more!
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