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Hey, I'm new!

Hey! I've been dolling for a little over a year now ^^ So, I searched for a dolling community, and was like, BOOYAH! when I found this one ^^ So, uhm, my name's Alice, and I'm 14 years of age. I live in Colorado, but I was born in england. And, well, here are some of my dolls!

My first doll:

Base by

My worst doll:

Base by Hush

(Isn't it ucky?)

My best doll:

Dang, this one was hard, but I had to go with meh beautiful mermaid!

Base by Sara Lyssen ^^

My newest doll:

It would be this cutesy girl with purple dreadlocks, but psp froze and I lost it *sobs*

I can't remember the base, sowwy! I'll keep an eye out for them, and update when I find it ^^

So, uhm, and this is what I look like!

Well, thats it... Later!
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