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Wow! It's been forever and a day since I've last updated here. I actually left for a while but felt bad so I rejoined, and ta-da, here I am. I have a ton of new things (okay, eight) that I worked on all last night until some time around one a.m. (and still wasn't done, probably because I was talking to a friend of mine). But they're done now, I did two of them this morning...and two of them I already had done. So technically, I worked on six things. But whatever, I have what I have.

They're all of the same characters, I have a legal right to be obsessed.

hate the hair T_T

I really really really like these because I found out how to make them look decent in MS Paint :D. That's all I use, I probably won't even use PSP7 now because for some reason the transparency always messes up the colors and makes it look really bad. I'll probably keep them non-transparent until I can find some way around it. After that I wanted to make a few tutorials, and this would probably be one of them. Woohoo!
Palletes and patterns by Xandorra.
Base by Jo (If Looks Could Kill)

I LOVE THIS BASE. I hate his hair. I hate how I was too lazy to only put green shorts on him, but he would have looked...odd if he was just naked.
Base by Sanity Challenged.

I like this one a lot too, because I managed to make their hair look halfway decent. I also really suck at shading black, and I don't think it turned out too bad.
Base, again, by Jo (If Looks Could Kill)

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