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Ok I haven't done a doll update in forever so I'm going to do one now ;)

First things first, I just got a new site so if anyone fancies visiting it the link is Now onto my new dollies ;)

This first one was done on a abse by Mawled 'n' Dolled and when I saw it I realised that it was a little bald naked Mark so I had to make a doll of him on the base.

I think you'll agree that the resemblance is quite scarey ;).

This next one is on a base from Eden Enchanted and I am currently using it on that forum as my avatar.

The third one is on the apricot base by Hime No Sakura and I made it just to test out whether I could pixel shade well.

Next we have a doll of my Muse Kioko on one of Yakumo's bases.

And lastly is another doll onHime No Sakura's Apricot base, it's another one of Kioko but I made it for an example for my AV contest although I haven't put it up on the site yet.

Anyway any CC's are welcome and really appreciated:D.
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