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First try at something anime-ish

Okay, I never thought I'd do this... but I tried dolling an anime character... on an anime base.

I am not a big fan of anime... but I guess it's kind of hard not to fall victim to it when you have an extreme lack of inspiration.

This is Tohru Honda from the eva popular "Fruits Basket" anime series.

I fink I'm going to do all the characters from the show on one of those cute summono-ish bases.

Tell me what you think! It's the first doll I've done in a while.

OOH... and I have a domain now! I haven't had the chance to update (since it was just moved). For future reference, it's: I'm probably going to update in a day or two ::huge idiotic smile::

Yeah, so please tell me what you think! What I need to improve upon, etc, etc. Man, pixel-shading is so much fun.

[Base: Precious Pixels]
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